Prescribing Pharmacist & Minor Ailments Consultation

A prescribing pharmacist is an ideal solution for residents of Alberta or visitors to Alberta seeking health care but are unable to book an appointment to see their family doctor, dentist, optometrist, nurse practitioner, or other health care professional, within a reasonable time.  

Our prescribing pharmacist can help by providing prescriptions for drugs to treat minor ailments and conditions if appropriate, thus increasing access to local health care services, and improving patient outcomes.  

Our prescribing pharmacist can help with a range of conditions and ailments, including:

  • acne 
  • cold sores 
  • conjunctivitis  
  • eczema 
  • migraine headaches 
  • hemorrhoids 
  • muscle strains and sprains 
  • nail fungus infection 
  • oral thrush 
  • erectile dysfunction 
  • emergency contraception 
  • painful menstrual periods 
  • seasonal allergies 
  • skin infections 
  • tobacco smoking cessation 
  • sore throat 
  • stomach acid reflux 
  • sunburn 
  • urinary tract infection 
  • vaginal yeast infection



Alberta residents with a valid Alberta Health Number are covered for a prescribing pharmacist assessment that leads to the prescribing of a schedule 1 medication under the Alberta Health Care Insurance Plan. For anyone without a valid Alberta Health Number, or visitors to Alberta, this consultation will cost $25 per visit.  

At Brintnell Pharmacy and Travel Clinic, we have a prescribing pharmacist that is dedicated to caring for you, your family, and our community. Our prescribing pharmacist is certified in travel health, hypertension management, injection administration, and more, and will help to ensure that you are well cared for. 


Our pharmacists can help renew your existing prescriptions if appropriate. If you have no prescription refills and/or are unable to book an appointment to see your doctor, nurse practitioner, optometrist, or dentist before you are out of your medication(s), we can help you until you can schedule time with your healthcare professional.  


With access to our highly trained pharmacists at Brintnell Pharmacy and Travel Clinic, the health outcomes of our patients would be greatly enhanced by making treatment and medications to treat minor ailments and conditions more accessible when access to a family doctor, nurse practitioner, or other required primary health care provider is limited.