Medication Compounding

Brintnell Pharmacy and Travel Clinic offers medication compounding services to ensure that you have convenient access to medication that is customized to suit your specific health needs.  

Our pharmacists can help ensure that you have access to the medications you need, even when those medications may not be available commercially. Taking your allergies, sensitivities, and other factors that may affect your ability to take medication into account, we will ensure that your medications can be made available in the form most suitable for you. 


Medication compounding is a great option for creating pharmaceutical-grade medication to serve a patient’s needs, especially when commercially available prescriptions or medications have not been working effectively or do not meet the patient’s specific needs. Medication compounding can be advised for all kinds of people for several different reasons, including:  

  • A patient that needs the strength or dosage of a medication to be customized. 
  • If a prescribed medication is not commercially available.
  • Adding a specific flavour to a medication, often making it more palatable for children or those with sensory issues. 
  • A patient that needs a medication to be formulated in a way that makes it safe for the patient to ingest, such as removing allergens like food dyes or gluten.  
  • A patient that needs the formulation of the medication altered for it to be easier to take, such as taking a medication that is typically only available as a pill and compounding it into a liquid for those who have trouble swallowing. 


There are many more reasons to compound medications, making the right medications available to those who need them. With more options available to them, patients have better access to the healthcare they need.  


Brintnell Pharmacy & Travel Clinic will offer you safe, reliable compounding services. However, it is important to consult with your family doctor, nurse practitioner, or another healthcare professional if you intend to make any kind of switch in medications that haven’t been advised by a medical professional to ensure that compounding medication is the right step for your individual medical history and unique needs.