Compression Stockings Edmonton

Have you discovered spider veins in your legs? Are you struggling with achy, tired, or swollen legs? Do you have concerns about venous issues during your pregnancy or long-distance travel? Compression therapy could be the right move for you. 

Compression therapy makes use of special stockings, boots, and/or bandages that are designed to apply gentle pressure to the legs to treat or prevent a range of health concerns.

Compression therapy can result in many different benefits, including:  

  • Better blood flow when sitting or standing, helping the blood flow faster and move in the correct direction. 
  • Prevent and treat the swollen, twisted veins, known as varicose veins, which are known to cause pain and a heavy, achy feeling in the legs. 
  • Reduce swelling in the legs by keeping fluid from leaking out of small blood vessels in the legs. 
  • Reduce dizziness and nausea caused by orthostatic hypotension (blood pressure drops when standing up). 


At Brintnell Pharmacy and Travel Clinic, we can help to treat a range of concerns and conditions with compression therapy. Supporting your veins and increasing circulation in the legs using specially designed stockings, compression therapy can help prevent pooling in the veins found in the legs, improve overall circulation, and significantly reduce any leg swelling that may be present. 

We have a wide range of compression stockings suitable for both men and women alike. Our professional, friendly, well-trained staff can help you choose the best product for you, ensuring the maximum therapeutic effect and achieving the best possible outcome, by considering the varying lengths and circumferences different legs are likely to have.  

For your convenience, and to ensure the right fit, our trained staff at Brintnell Pharmacy and Travel Clinic will measure and fit you right in the pharmacy. The best time to be measured for compression stockings is in the morning before your legs have had the time to start swelling over the course of the day. Taking measurements for compression stockings later in the day could cause incorrect, unreliable measurements, resulting in the stockings and compression therapy not having the desired results.


Compression therapy benefits a wide range of people. When you spend a lot of time in one position sitting or standing still, either at work or at home, compression therapy can help prevent any blood pooling in your legs. Compression therapy can also help with feet and ankle swelling as a pregnancy side effect and could even help reduce morning sickness and dizziness.