Blister Packed Medication

When you take multiple pills every day, blister-packed medications can help prevent confusion. We can blister pack your medications for greater convenience, and more efficient medication management and save you money while on blister-packed medications. 

Often, taking medication can become difficult to manage. The more medications, different doses, and different times of day medications need to be taken, the more challenging and confusing it can become.

It is vital, for anyone taking prescribed medicine, to know exactly what they are taking and when to take it, ensuring you are taking your medication correctly and safely. A good option to help prevent any confusion is blister packing.  

Blister-packed medication is a great way to organize your multiple medications in a clearly labelled, punch-out package, that is simple to use. For your convenience, we will blister pack as many medications as you require, including your prescriptions, personal medications, vitamins, and supplements. 


Blister-packing your medication can make a major difference in your life. At Brintnell Pharmacy and Travel Clinic, we see people benefitting from blister-packed medications in many ways, including: 

  • Blister-packed medications can help people who forget whether they have taken their medication, making them more likely to take the right doses regularly. 
  • Taking medication correctly and regularly increases the effectiveness of medications, making it easier for people to manage their health. 
  • Save space and eliminate the clutter that comes with multiple boxes and bottles of medications by having them all conveniently grouped and organized in blister packs. 
  • Blister-packed medications are far more convenient and easier to carry around.  
  • Blister-packed medications are safer. With clearly separated, organized medication and clear visual cues, people are far less likely to mix up their medications or accidentally double dose. 
  • When having their medication blister packed, people can take control of their healthcare, giving themselves every opportunity to benefit from taking their medications correctly and consistently, offering them better long-term health outcomes.


If you have ever had any kind of trouble managing your medications or are confused by taking multiple medications at different times of the day, blister packing can help.  

Get in touch with us to find out more about how blister-packed medications can make your life easier. Or, if you are already receiving blister-packed medications from another pharmacy, contact us to find out how Brintnell Pharmacy and Travel Clinic can save you money.