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Frequently Asked Questions About Cannabis. The legalization of recreational cannabis has brought up many questions. Read below for more information on cannabis and how your pharmacist can help.

Are you suffering from chronic pain that is proving difficult to control despite taking several prescription painkillers?

Do you have a medical condition that you are thinking maybe cannabis could help manage or resolve?

If you are a suitable candidate for cannabis (cannabinoid therapy), our pharmacists can facilitate your access to a medical cannabis prescriber, assist you with the documentation process necessary to get medical cannabis from a licensed producer, and provide ongoing monitoring and follow-ups while you on medical cannabis.

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Pharmacist’s Tip

Recreational cannabis may be legal but just like alcohol, cannabis can interact with your current medication or have an impact on your health. Your pharmacist is there to guide you and is available to discuss cannabis with you, without bias or judgement.

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Contact your health care provider to discuss cannabis and its impact on your health.

What is Cannabis?

Frequently Asked Questions About Cannabis

Cannabis: Help From Your Pharmacist

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