Food and Medication


Everybody eats, it’s a habit we seldom question. However, with medication, there is cause to pose and rethink the way we eat and when. Food can interact with your medication in many ways, and when combined, can be the source of some undesirable effects. Our page, along with your pharmacist, can help you figure it all out, to get the most of your medication therapy with the best eating habits.


Pharmacist’s Tip

Never underestimate the effect of food on your treatment. When your pharmacist gives you specific instructions regarding food, be sure to follow them! Otherwise, your treatment may not be fully effective or may even lead to side effects that could have been avoided. Always check with your pharmacist!

5 food categories that can interact with your medication

Discover why it’s important not to pair your medication with certain foods like grapefruit, dairy products or even caffeine, and what happens if you do.


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