As humans, we are all different and respond differently to medications, so sometimes it is necessary to customize them to suit a specific need or requirement. Your compounding pharmacy in Edmonton will be able to consider your specific allergies, sensitivities, and other factors to produce your medication in a form that is most suited to you.

This blog will present a step-by-step explanation of this process.

Step 1: Consultations with Healthcare Practitioner and Pharmacist

Suppose your medical professional has advised you to switch medications to one compounded by a pharmacist. In that case, it is essential for clear communication lines to be established so that all information (like allergies) is considered.

This will ensure that the compounded medication is safely tailored to your needs.

Step 2: Preparing to Produce Your Customized Medication

Once the pharmacist has determined your medical needs, they will prepare the “recipe” for your customized medication to deliver the necessary strength and dosage form. Dosage forms will differ and could include one of the following options, depending on the specific requirements:

The ingredients will be accurately measured and mixed according to the recipe, using only pharmaceutical-grade ingredients and raw materials that meet strict quality standards to ensure the safety and purity of the medication.

Step 3: Quality Control

After the medication has been compounded, it will undergo a series of checks, including colour, consistency, and odour, to ensure it meets the required standards. In some instances, it will also be necessary to use specialized equipment to measure the potency and purity of the medication.

Step 4: Packaging and Labelling

The final step is to package and label the medication according to its dosage form. The label will include all relevant information, such as the medication name, strength, and precise dosage or usage instructions. The medicine is now ready to be dispensed, and the pharmacist will be on hand to answer any questions.

If you are looking for a compounding pharmacy in Edmonton, please get in touch with Brintnell Pharmacy & Travel Clinic. We offer medication compounding services to ensure easy access to medications specifically formulated to meet your health needs. Your allergies, sensitivities, and other factors will be considered when making your medication available in the most suitable form for you.