Travel Health Consultation and Vaccinations

Protect your health before you travel abroad. Medical care, hygiene and safety in other countries are not the same as in Canada.


Travel to less-developed countries is associated with a higher risk of contracting diseases such as travellers’ diarrhea, malaria, typhoid, hepatitis A, hepatitis B, meningitis, yellow fever, rabies etc. These diseases are not only debilitating, they could also be fatal. We provide a one-stop service – assessment, prescribing, dispensing and vaccination.

Are you going to study abroad, work abroad, visit friends and relatives, going on a pilgrimage, vacation, adventure expeditions, going for humanitarian aid work or for international adoption?

Visit or contact us at least four to six weeks before you travel to learn about the health risks in the country or countries you plan to visit, your risk of contracting a disease and what you can do to prevent illness and injury.


Consultation Fees

Fees subject to change without notice



Our pharmacists can inject vaccines to persons 5 years of age or older.



We provide a one-stop service—assessment, prescribing, dispensing and vaccination. Our pharmacists can inject vaccines to persons 5 years of age or older. Are you up to date with your vaccines? Visit us for flu, pertussis, pneumococcal, shingles, travel vaccines etc.

The following vaccines are provincially funded by the Alberta Government:

  • Influenza vaccine (flu shot) for residents of Alberta
  • Pertussis (dTap) vaccine for pregnant women resident in Alberta
  • Pneumococcal Polysaccharide 23 Valent vaccine for residents of Alberta 65 years of age or older who meets eligibility criteria.

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